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Looking for some delicious Mexican breakfast recipes? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find many yummy options such as huevos con chorizo, migas, camote con leche and many more!


Papas con Huevo (Mexican Potatoes and Eggs)

Papas con huevo, or Mexican potatoes and eggs, is a traditional Mexican breakfast that you can throw together in minutes. Delicious seasoned potatoes and scrambled eggs create a breakfast that’s filling and comforting. If you like this recipe, you’ll have to check out these cheesy Mexican potatoes next! Choosing what to cook and serve for …

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Black Bean Omelet Recipe

Omelets are one of our favorite breakfast recipes and this easy-to-make, nutritious and yummy black bean omelet won’t dissapoint. If you haven’t noticed already, our family simply loves breakfast fare – from the sweet to the savory, to the healthy and indulgent.  There are so many amazing breakfast dishes out there. This black bean omelet …

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Breakfast Sausage Quesadillas

These easy breakfast sausage quesadillas are so delicious. They’re filling and full of flavor! This simple recipe has just three ingredients. Sausage, cheese and tortillas. Now who doesn’t love an easy, simple yet yummy breakfast recipe? What should I put in my quesadilla? Quesadillas are super versatile. They can be made with corn or flour …

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Scrambled Eggs with Red Bell Pepper

When it comes to breakfast, nothing beats perfectly scrambled eggs. We frequently eat eggs for breakfast, so we’re constantly looking for creative ways to change it up every now and then. This scrambled eggs with red bell pepper recipe uses fresh, delectable red bell pepper in your scrambled eggs as a simple way to add …

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