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Tostadas de Jaiba (Crab Tostadas)

You’re going to love these delicious tostadas de jaiba (crab tostadas). It’s an easy dish to make. No cooking required. All you have to do is combine the ingredients for Mexican crab cocktail and put it on the tostadas. It’s something that’s perfect for the hot summer weather! If you like Mexican shrimp cocktail then …

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Ensalada de Coditos con Atún (Tuna Macaroni Salad)

Ensalada de coditos con atún (tuna macaroni salad) is an easy and delicious recipe that is super easy to throw together. So it’s great for busy weeknights and it’s especially great during the hot summer months when you’re hungry but don’t want a hot meal. Here is another tuna salad recipe you may enjoy. Now …

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Empanadas de Atún (Tuna Empanadas)

These amazing empanadas de atún or “tuna empanadas” will have you wanting one after the other. They are spicy, cheesy and just plain delicious! If you enjoy this recipe you’ll also like these easy fried quesadillas. These spicy tuna empanadas are one of my favorite meals. They’re so flavorful and filling. I always have canned …

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