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Browse many delicious seafood recipe here. We have Mexican shrimp cocktail, shrimp tacos, crab cakes and plenty more!

Camarones Rancheros (Mexican Style Shrimp)

If you love papas a la Mexicana for breakfast and brunch, then you’ll love camarones rancheros for lunch and dinner. Camarones rancheros, also known as camarones a la Mexicana or Mexican style shrimp, is a rich and flavorful combination of shrimp, tomatoes, onions, serrano peppers, and spices. It’s a great meal to whip up for …

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Crab Cakes with Imitation Crab Meat

Looking for the perfect crab cake recipe to serve your family? Look no further! These crab cakes made with imitation crab are absolutely delicious! They’re inexpensive and easy to make. If you’re looking for another yummy recipe, these crab tostadas are another great way to use imitation crab meat. Crab cakes are a dish enjoyed …

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Caldo de Mariscos (Mexican Seafood Soup)

Caldo de mariscos also known as sopa de mariscos or “seafood soup” in English is an amazing and delicious soup that your taste buds will love! If you’re a fan of seafood and Mexican flavors then you must try this soup! What do mariscos mean? Mariscos translates to seafood in English. Looking for more delicious …

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Ensalada de Jaiba (Imitation Crab Salad)

This ensalada de jaiba or imitation crab salad is absolutely delicious. It can be served for lunch or even dinner. There’s no cooking required so it’s perfect on a hot summer day. What is imitation crab salad made of? There are many variations of ensalada de jaiba (imitation crab salad). The one I’m sharing today …

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