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Mexican Christmas Recipes

Looking to do something different this year for Christmas? Why not celebrate Mexican style? After all who doesn’t love Mexican food? Find inspiration from this list of delicious Mexican Christmas recipes that are sure to impress family and friends!

A collage of Mexican Christmas recipes.

In Mexican culture the Christmas celebrations start during Las Posadas which is a traditional Mexican celebration that begins on December 16th and ends on December 24th.

During this time people make lots of delicious meals to share with their friends and family. I have put together a list of many of the yummy recipes made during these celebrations.

13 Delicious Mexican Christmas Recipes

Mexican Pork Ribs

These Mexican pork ribs are simmered in a delicious red sauce that’ll have you going back for seconds. Serve it with a side of Mexican rice and beans to make it a complete meal.

mexican pork ribs recipe

Pork Tamales

Tamales are one of the most popular foods during the holidays. These delicious pork tamales consist of shredded pork in a red chile sauce. They can be labor intensive therefore I like to spread the whole process over the course of two days. I find it to be less intimidating this way.

tamal after steaming

Sweet Tamales

While sweet tamales are not as well known as savory tamales they’re just as delicious! These tamales dulces (sweet tamales) are filled with crushed pineapple, shredded coconut and chopped pecans. There are a variety of flavors and they’re much easier to make than the traditional savory tamales. Give them a try this holiday season!

pineapple tamale

Pozole Verde

This pozole verde is a delicious and comforting soup that’s often served during the holidays. Pozole is versatile as it can be made using chicken or pork. Also it can be red or green. This one is made from chicken drumsticks and a flavorful salsa verde (green salsa).

green chicken pozole with garnishes in a white bowl.

Mixiotes de Pollo

This is an authentic Mexican chicken dish that consists of marinated chicken wrapped in bananas leaves and steamed. It’s an absolutely delicious dish that’s perfect for Christmas gatherings.

mixiote de pollo in a banana leaf


This is an authentic barbacoa recipe I got from my mother in law. Its a super flavorful recipe made from chuck roast. It’s incredible flavor comes from chilies and a variety of seasonings. Serve it with warm corn tortillas along with diced onion and chopped cilantro.

Beef barbacoa in a white bowl.


Birria is an incredibly delicious and popular recipe that’s commonly served during celebrations. This recipe shows you how to make the popular quesatacos or quesadillas that are dipped in the flavorful consomme.

beef birria with consomme in a bowl

Mexican Christmas Punch

This Mexican Christmas punch also known as “Ponche Navideño” is a traditional beverage made from a variety of fruits that is typically served during Las Posadas and the Christmas season. This beverage taste similar to apple cider but is more delicious if you ask me.

ponche navideño in a Mexican mug.


Champurrado also known as “chocolate atole” is a delicious Mexican beverage made from chocolate and thickened with masa harina. It’s perfect for a chilly morning or evening.

champurrado in a blue mug

Mexican Buñuelos

Buñuelos are a yummy crispy fried treat that can be sprinkled with a cinnamon-sugar mixture or drizzled with syrup made from piloncillo. This is the perfect dessert for the holidays!

A stack of Mexican bunuelos on a white plate.

Mexican Rice Pudding

Mexican rice pudding or “arroz con leche” is a sweet recipe that can be served in the mornings or in the evenings. It’s a yummy treat that both kids and adults will enjoy!

Mexican rice pudding in a white bowl with ground cinnamon.

Christmas Fruit Salad

This fruit salad also known as “Ensalada Navideña” is a popular recipe for holidays, celebrations and gatherings. This version is made with plain yogurt making it great as a snack or as a light dessert.

ensalada de frutas in a bowl

Camote con Leche

This sweet potato dish also known as “camote enmielados” consists of sweet potato slices simmered in a brown sugar syrup. It makes for a delicious Christmas dessert.

Camote con leche in a white bowl.

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