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Puerto Rican Sofrito Recipe (Recaito)

This delicious Puerto Rican sofrito recipe also known as “Recaito” is going to change your life! Sofrito is a sauce made of herbs, onions, garlic and peppers. It is so flavorful and is used in many Latin American dishes. You’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it! Is this an authentic Puerto Rican sofrito recipe? …

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Authentic Enchilada Sauce (No Tomato)

This authentic enchilada sauce recipe is the real deal. It’s not at all like what you’ll find in your favorite Mexican restaurant. This red sauce is made from dried chiles, onion, garlic and a small piece of Mexican chocolate. It has a complex flavor yet it’s a simple and easy recipe. This sauce comes together …

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Pebre Recipe (Spicy Chilean Salsa)

Pebre is a delicious spicy Chilean salsa that is a must make this summer! Try it with grilled meats! What is Pebre? Pebre is a delicious and fresh Chilean salsa very similar to Mexican pico de gallo but in my opinion even better. With ingredients like garlic, green onions and oregano it’s packed full of flavor!

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