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Caldo de Res Recipe (Beef Soup)

This amazing caldo de res recipe is perfect for the chilly fall and winter seasons.

It’s so flavorful and filled with yummy veggies.

It’s so good you’ll go back for seconds and thirds and you’ll still have enough for leftovers!

caldo de res in a bowl

My family literally ate this caldo de res for dinner three days in a row.

Leftovers usually get boring after the second day but not with this soup.

We ate it and ate it until every last drop was gone!

What cut of beef is used for beef soup?

For this beef soup recipe I used beef short ribs and chuck roast.

I liked using short ribs and chuck roast for this because the ribs gave the soup a lot of flavor without making it overly greasy.

A combination of oxtails and chuck roast could also be used.

While I do like oxtails very much they tend to leave my soup too greasy for my liking.

Beef shanks can also be used. Beef soup made with beef shanks is often called cocido or caldo de chamorro.

It’s totally up to you.

So with that said use the meat of your choice!

How do you add flavor to beef soup?

My most favorite way of adding flavor to beef soup is by using sofrito.

The sofrito gives this caldo de res a really amazing flavor.

You definitely don’t want to leave it out.

In my opinion the sofrito is what takes it from basic to amazing.

To give some spice to this soup you could add a little salsa macha to it.

How to make caldo de res (beef soup)

First put the meat in a large pot along with the onion, garlic, bay leaves, beef bouillon and salt.

Fill the pot with about 16 cups of water.

Bring it to a boil over high heat.

meat in a pot for caldo de res

After the water starts to boil skim off the foam that starts to form with a spoon.

Then reduce heat to low, cover and cook for about 3 hours.

meat brought to a boil

Remove the meat from the pot and strain the broth.

Return the meat and broth back to the pot.

I like straining it because I feel like it gives me a cleaner broth.

However, you don’t have to do it just make sure you remove the onion, garlic and bay leaves.

Blend the bell peppers, garlic, onion, cilantro and parsley with enough water to blend.

Once well blended pour it into the pot with the broth and cook over medium heat.

making sofrito

Also add the cumin, pepper, and a packet of sazon with culantro and achiote to the broth.

The packet looks like this.

Cut up the carrots and celery and add them to the broth.

Let them cook for about 20 minutes.

Then add the potatoes and cabbage and cook for 15 minutes.

cabbage in caldo de res

Because I used frozen corn on the cob I cooked it separately according to the instructions on the package.

When it was done I added it to the broth.

I also add more salt to the soup after it’s done.

You can also just have everyone add salt to their liking when serving.

That is all there is to it and it makes a very big pot of soup.

This is perfect for large families.

It was also great for my little family of four.

finished beef soup

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The best caldo de res recipe

This caldo de res is just what you need this winter.

You’ve got to give it a try.

You’ll be amazed by how delicious and flavorful it is.

I like to serve it with red rice.

Oh and I can’t forget fresh squeezed lime juice!

The lime juice really brings out all the yummy flavors in the soup.

I know it may sound a little weird at first but it’s so good.

Definitely try it!

caldo de res

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See you soon!

caldo de res in a bowl
4.37 from 11 votes

caldo de res

This caldo de res (beef soup) is just what you need during the chilly fall and winter weather. The whole family will love it!

Course Main Course
Cuisine latin american
Keyword beef soup, caldo de res
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 3 hours 35 minutes
Servings 10
Calories 254 kcal
Author Carissa


For the caldo

  • 2 lbs beef short ribs
  • 1 1lb chuck roast cut into small pieces
  • 1/2 onion white
  • 1 garlic bulb
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 beef bouillon
  • 3 tsp salt
  • 16 cups water
  • 3 ribs celery
  • 5 carrots whole
  • 5 potatoes
  • 1/2 head of cabbage
  • 12 mini corn on the cob frozen
  • 1 culantro and achiote envelope
  • 3/4 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp ground cumin

For the sofrito

  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 1 orange bell pepper
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 bunch flat leaf parsley
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 onion
  • water enough to blend


  1. Put the meat, onion, garlic bulb, bay leaves, beef bouillon and salt in a large pot. Fill the pot with water.

  2. Bring it to a boil over high heat.

  3. Skim off the foam that forms at the top. Reduce heat to low. Cover and cook for 3 hours.

  4. Remove the meat from the pot and strain the broth. Return the meat and broth back to the pot.

  5. Blend the sofrito ingredients with a little water until well blended then add it to the broth. Cook over medium heat.

  6. Then add the cumin, pepper, and the packet of Sazon with culantro and achiote.

  7. Peel and cut up the carrots. Cut the celery into smaller pieces and add to the broth. Let the carrots and celery cook for about 20 minutes.

  8. After 20 minutes cut up the potatoes and cabbage. Add them to the broth and let cook for 15 minutes.

  9. Cook the frozen corn on the cob separately then add to the broth.

  10. Turn off the heat and the soup is now ready.

  11. Serve. Let cool a bit as it will be hot. Serve with rice and fresh lime juice.

Nutrition Facts
caldo de res
Amount Per Serving
Calories 254 Calories from Fat 81
% Daily Value*
Fat 9g14%
Saturated Fat 3g19%
Cholesterol 39mg13%
Sodium 830mg36%
Potassium 868mg25%
Carbohydrates 30g10%
Fiber 5g21%
Sugar 11g12%
Protein 18g36%
Vitamin A 6699IU134%
Vitamin C 87mg105%
Calcium 67mg7%
Iron 3mg17%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Recipe Rating

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.