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Looking for some yummy recipes using beef? Here you’ll find Mexican meatballs, Mexican beef stew, chili, birria and plenty of other amazing beef recipes.

We have a variety of recipes using ground beef, chuck, steak and ribs. So there’s plenty of delicious beef recipes to choose from.

Bistec Encebollado (Puerto Rican Steak and Onions)

Bistec encebollado is a delicious and popular Puerto Rican recipe for steak and onions. It’s typically made with cubed steak. For a complete and authentic Puerto Rican meal serve it with tostones, white rice and stewed habichuelas (beans). What is bistec encebollado made of? While each cook’s recipe may vary the version I’m sharing consists …

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Albondigas Mexicanas (Mexican Meatballs)

Albondigas Mexicanas or Mexican Meatballs, are traditionally added to Mexican meatball soup. While this delicious recipe calls for ground beef others use pork or a combination of the two. These are not your ordinary meatballs. Fragrant herbs and flavorful seasonings are used to make these scrumptious albondigas Mexicanas. The history of albondigas The history surrounding …

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Bistec con Papas (Mexican Steak and Potatoes)

Bistec con Papas or Mexican Steak and Potatoes is Mexican comfort food at its best. Thin, mouthwatering steak is served together with potatoes and a rich, flavorful sauce. bistec con papas is decadent enough to be served as a weekend feast, but easy enough to cook for a busy weeknight meal. Trust me when I …

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Crunchy Ground Beef Tacos Recipe

These crunchy Ground Beef Tacos feature flavorful, beefy ground meat loaded into crunchy taco shells. Customize and serve with all your family’s favorite toppings for an easy weeknight meal that takes just 30 minutes! When you’ve got a craving for the Taco Bell crunchy ground beef taco, why not make it at home? It’s so …

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