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Coco con Chile y Limon (Coconut with chile and lime)

Try some delicious coco con chile y limon (coconut with chile and lime juice)! It’s a super tasty snack. It has a slightly sweet flavor that goes perfectly with lime juice and chili powder. If you love coconut you’ll have to try coconut horchata next. So today’s recipe is something my husband whipped up for …

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Tostadas de Jaiba (Crab Tostadas)

You’re going to love these delicious tostadas de jaiba or crab tostadas. It’s an easy dish to make. No cooking required. It’s something that’s perfect for the hot summer weather! If you like Mexican shrimp cocktail then you’ll definitely have to try these crab tostadas as they’re both pretty similar. This recipe is made with …

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Tostones Recipe (Steps and photos included)

This delicious tostones recipe will soon become your favorite snack! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, they are seriously addicting. You won’t be able to eat just one. What are Tostones Made of? Tostones are made from plantains. They are opened and cut into slices and fried twice. They can be served …

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