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Taco Truck Reviews

This is a review of three different taco trucks in the Alexandria area of Lexington, Ky. I ordered the same thing from all three trucks. Two asada tacos. I figured it would be a more fair review if I ordered the same thing from each truck. Now let’s get into it!

La Juquilita

The first one up is La Juquilita. I’ve been to this taco truck more times than I can count. It’s always been a favorite of mine in the past. However, I wanted to see how it compares to the other taco trucks in the area.

Two tacos de asada from la juquilita.

The first thing that really stands out to me from these tacos is their color. I really like my taco meat to have some color. To me most of the time color also equals better flavor. I can’t stand a taco with a pale grey color. Every time I order from La Juquilita the taco meat consistently has good color on them.

Their tortillas are handmade which I always appreciate. I did receive a cut lime and salsa verde with this order although I usually prefer salsa roja. Their salsa verde is ok not something that stands out to me.

As for the amount of meat they put in the tacos, I am quite satisfied. They don’t skimp on the meat at all thankfully as some places tend to do so. However, I do have to say the meat tends to be on the drier side. Not just this time but every time I order from La Juquilita. But the flavor is always on point which keeps me coming back.

I paid $6 for this order.

El Buen Taco

Next up is El Buen Taco. I’ve been here once or twice before but couldn’t remember how I felt about the tacos so I decided to give them another try.

Tacos de asada from el buen taco.

These tacos were the least visually appealing to me which I’m sure was because the meat didn’t have as much color on them compared to La Juquilita. However the meat did have a good flavor and I was satisfied with the amount of meat on each taco. I also have to say that this taco truck had the most tender asada meat out of the three.

Unfortunately the tortillas aren’t made by hand but they do double up on them. So each taco has two tortillas. The tortillas were quite greasy and also crunchy. I would have preferred the tortillas to be softer.

This order came with a cut lime and salsa verde which to me smelled like a jar of jalapeños in vinegar.

I paid $6 for this order.

Tacos el Campesino

Third up is Tacos el Campesino. This was the first time I’ve ever ordered from here and I’m so glad I did because these tacos were outstanding!

Tacos el campesino

The tortillas were made by hand which is always better. There was plenty of meat on the tacos and it was more tender than La Juquilita and also had amazing flavor and good color.

This order came with a cut lime, salsa verde and salsa roja. Out of the two salsas the salsa verde was the best. It’s actually the best salsa verde I’ve ever had from a taco truck and I can’t wait to get it again. Next time I will ask for two.

This order also cost me $6.

I have to say this was definitely my favorite taco truck. I’m kind of upset that I didn’t go here earlier. The tacos were absolutely amazing. I should have known that from the beginning because this taco truck also had the most customers when we pulled up.

Rating the tacos from most favorite to least favorite I have to say that Tacos el Campesino was the winner! Then La Juquilita and lastly El Buen Taco.

What’s your favorite taco truck in this area?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.