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How to use a Moka Pot

Today I want to show you guys how to use a moka pot. Have you heard of these? A moka pot is used to make very strong coffee almost like espresso but not as strong.

Moka pots are an inexpensive way to make strong coffee unlike espresso machines which can get pretty pricey.

Using my moka pot is my favorite way to make coffee these days. It’s simple but produces great tasting coffee and it brings me a very nostalgic feeling that I love.

After reading how easy it is to use these you’ll want to go out and buy one for yourself!

coffee in a moka pot

What I love about these little moka pots is that they don’t take up a lot of space. I have almost zero room in my tiny kitchen. It drives me insane!

Years ago I used to have one of those drip machines on my counter. I hated it because it took up so much room in an already space lacking kitchen.

Not only was the coffee not amazing but it was always a pain for me to clean the drip machines. Thankfully, my moka pot doesn’t take up much space and its super easy to clean.

How to Use a Moka Pot

I have the Bialetti brand. There are other brands of moka pots but Bialetti is the only one I have tried and I have not been disappointed. It comes with 5 parts and it is very easy to assemble.

moka pot parts

First fill the lower half of the pot with water just below the valve. Don’t over fill it.

lower half of moka pot filled with water.

Next insert the funnel into the lower chamber and fill with ground espresso coffee.

funnel filled with coffee

Now the small circular piece with the holes goes on the bottom of the top half of the moka pot. Then the rubber piece goes on top of it as shown below.

assembling moka pot

Now screw the top half onto the bottom half. Place on the stove burner and turn heat to medium. In about 10 minutes you will smell the amazing aroma and it will be ready! You’ll also be able to hear the moka pot make a gurgling sound as the coffee rises to the top. (please excuse the messy stove in the pic!)

moka pot coffee

Prepare your coffee the way you like it. I like mine with lots of milk or half and half which is why mine has such a light color to it. My husband prefers his much darker. I also like to use brown sugar to sweeten mine while my husband prefers white sugar. How do you like yours?

coffee in a white mug

I’ve had my moka pot for two years now and it is still going strong. Before we had one of these my husband used to buy his coffee at a gas station in the morning for work. Now he uses this and it is so much cheaper than buying a cup of coffee everyday and it tastes so much better.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to use a moka pot. If you have one I’d love to hear what you think of them.

Thanks for visiting!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.