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Arepas con Queso (Cheese Arepas)

Arepas con queso are seriously one of the most delicious and comforting foods ever! The best part is they’re incredibly easy to make. These slightly crunchy corn patties are oozing with delicious mozzarella cheese. It’s something the whole family will love! So I think by now everyone has seen the movie Encanto, right? I think …

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Espagueti Rojo (Mexican Spaghetti)

Espagueti rojo or Mexican spaghetti is a delicious and easy recipe that kids and adults will love. It’s super easy and quick making it perfect for busy weeknights! Next you’ll have to try these yummy Mexican recipes for green spaghetti and white spaghetti! What is espagueti rojo Espagueti rojo is creamy, flavorful and meatless. It …

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Ensalada de Pollo Mexicana (Mexican Chicken Salad)

Ensalada de pollo Mexicana or Mexican chicken salad is a delicious recipe that uses up leftover shredded chicken and veggies and turns it into something amazing! Next you’ll have to try this Mexican tuna salad. Ensalada de pollo is a simple but yummy dish that’s perfect for the summertime. We like to make Mexican chicken …

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